Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a personal dating concierge?

Dating can be challenging for a lot of reasons. It costs time, and can takealmost a tedious amount of work, all to fail to get a response fromthe perfect match. With the right team, you can relax knowing thatyour online dating profiles are being cared for by professionals thatcan maximize the chances and frequency of high-quality dates.

I’m a woman, I don’t need help getting dates, I need help finding the right ones.

We get it, you get a million messages a day and it takes a lot of timeto vet all of them. We are here to do that process for you, and setyou up to stand-out to the right candidates.

I don’t think I need help to online date?

It’s true, you don’t need to be a creative writing professional tocreate a dating profile, to find the perfect match, or to craft a line toget the conversation flowing. However the competition is fierce, andwe play the game at the highest level.Additionally, we take on all the tasks for you that make online datingtime-wasting headache, filled with rejection.

How frequently should I expect phone numbers?

This can vary from client to client, dependent on your preferences.We can adhere to the strictest of preferences, but the fewercandidates who meet your requirements, the harder they are to findand the less frequently you’ll recieve dates.That said, you’ll recieve dates at a much higher frequency than youcurrently do.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately this is not a one-price fits all experience. Some peoplewant more dates, and a more aggressive timeline. Others haveextremely high standards, and there are only so many people thatmeet their requirements.Qualify for your free consultation, and we’ll help you find the bestpackage and options for you.

How do I know I won’t just come off sounding like someone I’m not?

Our team understands we are here to represent you in the bestpossible light, but that our depiction of you needs to represent whatthe match will find when you go on a date.We start with an interview, and this helps our writers capture you.They observe your tone and verbiage, and all the information givesme a list of conversation topics. They will act as you, and adjust tactas you see fit.

Can you do this discreetly and ensure total confidentiality?

This service needs to operate discreetly, and we adhere to that atthe highest standards. You can be confident that no one will knowabout our involvement unless you choose to tell them.

Will my date know I hired you?

Only if you choose to share that information with them. You’ll receivetheir phone number, their profile, and a short conversation history tofamiliarize yourself with everything that has occurred so far.

I travel a lot, or don’t live in the US. Can I still acquire your services?

Absolutely. We can set you up in any country, or even move youaround as you move (or slightly before hand, so you have datesready and waiting when you arrive in a new city).

How are my matches selected, what if I don’t like them?

We work off the description you provide, and do our best to adhereto your preferences.When we get ready to ask for the number, we will send you aconversation history and profile of the match. You select if you wouldlike to proceed. If you choose not to go on a date for some reason,we will adjust your preferences to adhere to that in the future.

How soon can I expect to be going on dates?

Even if we receive your pictures and interview right away, it can bea little while before you start receiving numbers. Over the nextcouple of days, your profiles will be crafted and sent to you forapproval. Then, we set up your accounts, and begin vetting matchesnear your location.At this stage, we pursue all the qualified matches. The goal is to getyou the number as quickly as possible, but some people need moretime and effort than others.We typically say 2-3 weeks before you are receiving a steadyfrequency of dates, being whatever frequency you selected.

How long does it take to meet someone special?

According to the data, it can take a while. It can be as many as tendates before someone will claim they have met the perfect long-term partner. However, it is always nice to get practice on first datesbefore going on one with the perfect match. We aim to get you both;many opportunities so you can be well-practiced, and a chance withthe perfect partner for you.

Why don’t I talk to my writer more?

Our writers remain extremely busy, and focused on the right tasks. With a single contact point, being your matchmaker, the entire
process can be directed by you, while leaving the writers to spendtheir time doing what they do best.